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Today's theme is Communities of Resilience

Resilience means how we cope when things go wrong. It means that even when things get tough, we do not give up.

We learn to be resilient in school and at home.

During this pandemic, we are all learning to be resilient and trying to keep ourselves active. We are looking after our minds and our mental health too.

Think/ Discuss:

How are you keeping active? What hobbies do you enjoy most, at home? How do you keep in touch with your friends and family?

The story of Moses in the Book of Exodus in the Bible is a story of Resilience

You can watch the video here:

Don't forget to check the blog again tomorrow! 

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Today's theme is : Communities of Love

When we love something or someone, it means we care very much about it, and it has a special place in our hearts.

In school, we learn that God loves us very much, and wants us to love him too.

Even when we make mistakes and do silly things, God will never stop loving us.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, we learn just how much God loves us all.

Here is a cartoon video of the Prodigal Son Parable:

Here is the story from Grow in Love:


Today, write about or draw somebody you love. Say a prayer for the people you love and who take care of you.

Today is Grandparents Day. Write about some special memories you have of spending time with your grandparents. Pray for your grandparents.

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Today, let's think about the people who HELP us in our community.

We learn from the example of others.

They may be our parents, hospital staff, nurses, doctors, shop workers etc.

Someone who showed her love for God through her actions of helping other people, was Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Here is her story:


Choose one of these activities:

  1. write a prayer for a person you know who is making a sacrifice during this pandemic to help other people.

Prayer starters = Lord Jesus, I pray for...

Jesus, I ask that you....

Please bless....

God, thank you for...

2. Draw around your hand, then inside the shape, write or draw how YOU can give a helping hand at home.

Send any pictures or writing you do during Catholic Schools Week to your teacher on Seesaw:)

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