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Amber Flag

The school’s Amber Flag Committee is delighted to announce that we have
been successful in achieving the Amber Flag!

This is our very first Amber Flag and we are delighted that we reached all of our
goals for the year, in striving to work on and enhance the mental health of our
school community.

The Amber Flag Committee members:
Aoibhínn, Ellie, Ava, Weronika, and Mrs M. Kenny.

Amber Flag Activities from 2023
Art Activity in J
anuary: What Makes Me Feel Good!

  •  Pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class took part in this.

  • A template was given to all pupils. etc.- Lessons about feeling happy – music, sport, family, friends, drawing, pets,

  • Displayed the class winners on the Amber Flag notice board.

Wellness Wednesday in February:

  • Pupils sampled different wellness activities across the classes, these were age-appropriate and varied:

  •  Yoga

  •  Mindful colouring

  •  Go Noodle activities

  •  Rainbow Moments

  •  Finger Breathing

  •  Weaving Wellbeing Programme

  •  Guided meditations

Homework Pass issued to all pupils, one per week, each week of March. Poetry Writing in April:
The theme was Springtime

  • Pupils from all classes were inspired to write poems based on the theme of Spring-

  • Spent relaxed time outdoors on school grounds, becoming aware of sights, sounds, smells, and textures in Springtime

  • Pupils had the satisfaction of writing different genres of poetry and of sharing their work with others, in their classroom, and with an audience in the local library

In May, classes tried some mindful, healthy eating activities, like smoothies-
making. This was hands-on, tasty, and enjoyed by all.
End–of–year surveys and Suggestion Boxes allowed pupils to share their
ideas on Amber Flag activities.
The Committee looks forward to continuing their work in the next school year.

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