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We are most fortunate to be chosen to take part in the Art BLAST programme this year.

Pupils from 2nd to 6th Class will enjoy special art workshops, facilitated by an amazing Kilkenny-based artist, Sandra McAllister.

Sandra works with textiles and print.

She showed us some of her own work and creations and we were all in awe of her designs.

Sandra led the pupils in observational drawing and printing techniques.

We cannot wait for our next workshop. Thank you to Sandra for making our lessons fun and engaging.

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Ms McGrath is very busy!

She is reminding us about the Active Flag activities, which include Run Around Ireland and a special Active Walkway.

Every Friday, we will have some music playing the yard at break, to get everyone moving and grooving!

Run Around Ireland begins on Monday 6th March and all class teachers are very excited about this challenge. We will investigate how far certain landmarks are, from Castlecomer, and attempt to reach our targeted landmarks by running laps of the playground!

After the Easter break, we hope to have the Active Walkway designed and ready for use.

This will consist of specially designed signs or controls, posted at various points in the playground. We can enjoy orienteering activities, athletics, even maths and language games, all based on this new walkway. This is definitely something to look forward to, in Term 3!

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Well done to the winners of the Amber Flag art competition! Everyone who took part made a great effort and cheered up their classmates and judges by reflecting on What Makes them Feel Good.

In February, all classes engaged in Wellness Wednesday.

The Amber Flag Committee is currently analysing the results of class surveys they recently carried out, and will display results on the special Amber Flag Notice Board asap!

We look forward to March - when the Homework Pass will be introduced. This means that all pupils have one homework pass per week, to use on a day of their choice.

The Committee members: Aoibhínn, Ellie, Weronika and Ava are all doing great work, linking in with class teachers and sharing their fantastic ideas.

We will post photos and more news on the blog and also on the Amber Flag page, and on Twitter.

Slán go Fóill

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