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Science Blast

5th and 6th class pupils are taking part in ESB's Science Blast project this year.

It's been a great learning experience, with the pupils coming up with their own investigation ideas, planning their own experiments, recording the results and making a presentation for the Science Blast judge.

Normally, the Science Blast projects are exhibited at the R.D.S. However, this year the projects are being presented remotely, via zoom.

The pupils met their Science Blast judge recently. It's the Senior Lecturer and Head of School at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at TCD, Ingrid Hook.

Ingrid quizzed the class on experiments completed and those planned.

A final presentation via zoom will happen next week.

The pupils have carried out experiments and research to find out 'How Baking Powder Works.' Posters will be displayed outside the classroom asap.

Each pod in the class worked on a different experiment/ investigation. This project is a development of another lesson from last year, all about acids and bases.

The pupils have learned that baking powder - a very useful raising agent used by many of the pupils at home in their baking - contains both an acid AND a base, that when mixed with a liquid, releases carbon dioxide, causing the mixture to expand and rise.

Last week, one pod made cookies. One batch was made with baking powder, the second without baking powder. The pupils observed differences during the baking process, and after it (tasting)!

We will post photos of our posters shortly.

In the meantime, see how the pupils worked on their investigations, in their pods.

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