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First Month Back to School!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hello and welcome to our school's brand new website. It's been created by Graham Kenny, who also designed our former website. Thank you to Graham for making this website a great and useful tool that will allow everyone to stay updated on our activities, policies, and school news.

After a break of almost six months, we returned to school in August for the 2020/21 school year. Classroom layouts are different to before, entry times to school are staggered, our playground (thankfully a spacious one!) now has separate play areas for breaktimes to accommodate each 'bubble,' and the 'buzz' of wall-mounted, contactless hand-sanitisers is part of the new soundscape at school.

Since returning to school, the tools we need to keep Covid - 19 at bay are pupils' hygiene bags, social distancing, hygiene/ cough etiquette and many more measures adopted in classrooms and all around the school.

These measures may have curtailed many of the usual class activities, and we certainly miss our weekly assemblies in the gym, seeing the new Junior Infants as they visit the various rooms and get to know their new school. But the kindness, friendliness and warmth of the pupils to their classmates remains the same, as has their amazing co-operation with their teachers, their hard work in class and their ability to adapt to a new school routine.

Beautiful artwork is on display outside every classroom, and we will post photos of such work here and also on twitter @prescomerns .

Third Class girls made their First Holy Communion in September, and before that, made thier First Penance.

Briain Ryan, GAA coach extraordinaire, has visited for two sessions with 3rd and 4th class in September.

6th class girls are eagar to begin debating this year, albeit in a new format, to comply with restrictions.

All classes took part in European School Sports Day.

We've planted a new tree in our garden - a native Scots Pine, thanks to the Tree Council of Ireland.

Bookville pupil books have landed in school just this week and we can't wait to dive into the great activities!

We are looking forward to sharing our good news stories with you here on our blog.

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