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Challenge to Change 2022

As a Presentation School, we take part in the Challenge to Change development education project. This is run by the Presentation Education Office.

The theme of Challenge to Change stems from the Presentation ethos, e.g. justice, fairness and equality, global and local issues, care for the earth.

There was a general focus this year on Climate Change.

The title for our project was Castlecomer's Climate Mission.

All classes took part in some way. From tree-planting, to classroom lessons on developing countries, a photo competition to art/ design work, the activities varied from class to class but the message was the same - each of us CAN make small changes to make a difference to help our environment.

As a Green School, we are accustomed to recycling, saving energy, keeping our school grounds and local area litter-free, thinking about biodiversity and global citizenship. Due to Covid-closures, the Green School message needed to be revived, so Challenge to Change gave all classes a boost.

The Energy Eagle and Waste Watchdog made a comeback!

We were also delighted to take part in Picker Pals and the Tidy Towns initiative. All of these actions help our school, our neighbours and the wider world.

While younger classes got on board with the Energy Eagle and Waste Watchdog, focused on recycling, saving energy and cutting out littering, and also worked on tree -planting and gardening (sowing tomatoes etc), older classes also planted flowers and fruit/ veg, sowed wildflowers to encourage bees to visit our school garden, championed Picker Pals in the local area, learned about developing countries and how climate change affects them acutely, made board games on the theme of climate change, took part in surveys. All classes entered into a photo competition: 'Comer Goes Green.

Thank you to parents for helping with the photo competition, Picker Pals and more.

You can see our project, as well as those of other Presentation schools, on the Challenge to Change website:

Thank you to Sr Margaret Mary from the Presentation Education Office for all of her support this year. It is wonderful to be part of this project, looking at the positive changes pupils and our school communities can make.

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