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Back to the 80s!

It was Tuesday, the 7th of March. We couldn't wait for the TY musical. We were so excited that it took forever for 11:00 o'clock to come around. We had some high expectations because last year's show was so good…and it didn't disappoint! My favourite part was when the main character had a dream. It was Star Wars themed. The girl he had a crush on was Princess Leia, the guy who is her boyfriend was Darth Vader, and he was Luke Skywalker, and she ran off with Darth Vader. The story of the musical was all about the school year prom. It was really good and I enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot wait until I'm in Ty in secondary school and I will be involved in the Ty musical.

I hope when I'm in the TY musical I see the pres in the audience.

By Ellen Comerford

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