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6th Class Graduation

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

On Wednesday 22nd June, the 6th Class girls celebrated the end of their time at Primary School with a Graduation ceremony.

Parents and family attended, along with Mons. Ryan, teachers and pupils from 1st to 5th class.

5th Class helped with decoration and preparation duties outdoors on the day, as well as doing tremendous artwork and singing!

Mrs Kenny's 3rd and 4th Class gave a surprise performance of Reach for the Stars, which was a lovely sentiment for 6th Class to hear.

Refreshments which had been made and prepared by 6th class pupils that morning, were enjoyed by guests afterwards.

Thank you to Mrs Jacob for such kind words for the 6th class girls.

Thank you to all the other teachers who helped with refreshments, and many other tasks on the day.

The girls chose the theme of Under the Sea for the ceremony, and they incorporated this into their artwork. 3rd and 4th class made a giant diorama which ties in with this very theme and they kindly displayed their amazing work to complement the ceremony!

The 6th class girls felt that Under the Sea is a fitting theme, as Under the Sea is a place of mystery, a great variety of colour. The sea ebbs and flows. It can be a place of fun but also of uncertainty. This links with their thoughts and expectations of the future - making the transition to secondary school is like diving into the unknown.

The 6th Class girls have been excellent role-models to the younger pupils, and have participated in a multitude of school activities through their eight year stint at Presentation Castlecomer. We will miss them very much, and we wish them the very best in their secondary school lives, and beyond.

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