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This school year, we will use Google Classroom in school.

Google Classroom is a free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating and distributing assignments in a paperless way. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. 

Google classroom allows the teacher to set activities for the class to work on either individually or collaboratively both in school and at home during home learning.

As with any educational endeavour, a strong partnership with families is essential to a successful experience.

The following Google services may be available to pupils as part of Presentation Convent N.S  G Suite for Education implementation:

  • Drive: A secure online space where students will store all of their digital work.

  • Documents: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings. Anywhere that students have access to the internet, they can access their work. Students will be able to work on projects at school and at home. Applications in Google Drive can be shared for collaboration with other members of the school domain.

  • Classroom: Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly.

  • Apps: Selected apps will be available to students when requested by teachers and when safe and appropriate.


Google classroom is part of G Suite. To gain access to the apps within G Suite for Education, students under the age of 13 must first obtain permission. Once you have given permission to your child, you will receive an access code from your child's teacher.

Please fill in the consent form below so your child can use Google Classroom. 

G Suite for Education runs on an Internet domain owned by Presentation Convent N.S. and is intended for educational use only. Presentation Convent N.S G Suite for Education domain is different from a personal Google account and is NOT open to the public. It is a safe and secure “self-contained” cloud-based system that is unique to our domain.

By default, advertising is turned off for the school’s G Suite for Education domain. No personal student information is collected for commercial purposes. Student use of G Suite for Education is governed by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Pupil Responsibility:

Students are responsible for their own conduct at all times when using G Suite for Education, just as they are when they use any technology resources the school offers. Students retain the intellectual property rights of any work that they create and store on the Google Drive.

Google will not sell data to third parties nor will they share information in G Suite with third parties except if required to do so by law.

 Access to and use of G Suite for Education is considered a privilege and is at the discretion of Presentation Convent N.S. Our school maintains the right to immediately withdraw access and use of G Suite for Education when there is reason to believe inappropriate use or breach of school policies have occurred.

For additional information about privacy and safety, Google’s “Trust” site provides an excellent guide to staying safe and secure online. The guide can be accessed at

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