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The girls of 2nd, 3rd and 4th class are armed with litter pickers, gloves, specially-designed hi-vis jackets, and bright green refuse sacks! Yes, they've registered for the Picker Pals programme this year, and have been taking home the litter picking packs, one pupil per week.

When the pack is returned to class, the pupils ask the 'Picker' all about their litter picking exploits.

We have found out this year, that plastic bottles are the most common items of rubbish found around Castlecomer.

We wonder, will this change with the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme, and the Reverse Vending Machines?

We have been learning about this new recycling scheme, as part of the Picker Pals programme.

We have taken part in online zoom meetings/ classes and in quizes.

Stay tuned for more news!

Taking part in the Picker Pals online quiz (above), and opening the new Picker Pals pack, to great excitement (we got colouring books, too!)

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We are a Creative School, and part of this initiative means we celebrate with art, craft, writing and more, in the month of February.

We have had such a busy month. Some of the activities this month included:

  • Making St Brigid's Crosses

  • Making pancakes!

  • Designing and making Valentine's day cards and crafts

  • construction

  • art and craft in the library, as part of the Teddy Bear's Picnic

  • Cookery classes for parents in the kitchen

  • Friendship Week colouring and art

  • poetry writing

  • Music Generation - playing the ukulele and singing medleys

  • making energy balls for the birds in our garden

Check out the photos below:

Collaborative Colouring Display for St Valentine's Day! Thanks to Mrs C. Kenny for organising

Crafts in the library, part of Teddy Bear's Picnic

Making St Brigid's Crosses. Thanks to parents for supplying the rushes again, this year

Eye-catching art from Senior Infants and First Class

Music Generation with Clare Kilkenny

Amazing art skills on display from Junior and Senior Infants!

Engineers and designers of the future

Valentine's Day art and crafts

Beautiful Spring flowers, painted by pupils in Ms Treacy's and Mrs Keogh's class

Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Energy pots, made for the birds

Diamond poems all about the weather

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Home School Community Liaison, Mrs Carmel Kenny, organised a special treat for pupils just before the Christmas holidays.

This was a Christmas cookie decoration workshop!

Check out the photos below, to see how well these cookies turned out.

We do hope they tasted as good as they look!

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