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Wolfwalkers : One Book One Film For All

The school is buzzing with excitement! We are part of the One Book One Film for All initiative, based on Cartoon Saloon's Wolfwalkers.

Pupils are pictured with storyteller Niall de Búrca and Tomm Moore, from Cartoon Saloon, who created Wolfwalkers.

The project is supported by KCETB, in collaboration with Cartoon Saloon.

Mrs C. Kenny, HSCL, is co-ordinating the initiative in our school and delivered the special Wolfwalkers packs - containing the graphic novel, information and activity sheets - to pupils from 2nd - 6th class.

The pupils will read the graphic novel, and will watch the film. They will engage in art activities and more, with many of these activities shared at home, with families.

25th September to 2nd October is a week of scavenger hunts, for families to try out (information is in the pack).

We look forward to a screening of the Wolfwalkers film in the Watergate Theatre on 3rd October.

Hands up - who's excited about getting back to school?!

Matchbox Mountain, an online event, will take place on 11th October (from 7pm - 8 PM)

An exhibition of family and school- created art and writing will take place in Rothe House from 19th - 21st October.

A live quiz, for all local participating schools, will be broadcast live on KCLR on 25th October.

All the pupils were motivated by the captivating project launch at the Dolmen Hotel on 20th September. Storyteller Niall de Búrca enthralled everyone with his re-telling of the Salmon of Knowledge, incorporating legends of wolves and the magic of the Irish landscape, particularly that of our local forests and rivers.

We will post photos of the project's development and look forward to seeing how families enjoy the at-home activities.

Watch this space, for more!

Pupils from 2nd - 6th Class get front-row seats at the project's launch in Carlow!

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