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'Run Around Ireland' Challenge and 'Feel Good Friday' for Active Flag.

In March, each class participated in the Run Around Ireland challenge.

This involved running, jogging or walking laps of the yard, each day!

Our Active Flag committee members (and teachers) kept a log of the total laps completed each day/ week by all pupils.

We looked at the Active Flag website to see how many laps equalled one kilometre. We also looked at the map of Ireland, showing various landmarks, located all over the country.

How far did each class run/ walk each week? Which landmark did they reach?

We will post the results after the Easter break!

Below are some photos of the classes taking part in their run/ walk, as well as pictures of 'Feel Good Friday,' when pupils boogied to music during breaktime!

Well done to all the boys and girls for being enthusiastic each day.

Ms McGrath will have another initiative up and running(!) for all pupils, after Easter. Watch this space!

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