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Jump into January: An Active Flag Skipping Challenge

When challenged to skip as high as the tallest mountains in Europe, the pupils of Pres Comer confidently grabbed their skipping ropes and hula-hoops and went for it!

January 27th was the date set for the Active Flag's #FeelGoodFriday event.

Each jump is the equivalent to a metre in height. We studied the heights of Europe's peaks.

This picture is from website.

Each pupil counted his/ her skips.

The concentration was palpable but the fun was even more so! The skipping sessions made everyone feel great. Even if you didn't want to skip too much, you could turn the rope with a partner, and a third person could skip. or you could help a friend to count and record their skips!

Some classes used hula hoops for their skipping challenge.

Our next step was to add our skips together. What mountains did we scale? How many metres had we climbed, with our class' skips combined??

We will update our blog with the Skipping Challenge Results, asap!

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