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Feast of St. Brigid - Lá Fhéile Bríde - 1st February

St. Brigid was born a long, long time ago. About 1500 years ago, in 452!

Brigid grew up in Faughert, Dundalk.

Her mother was called Broicseach and her father was called Dubhthach. He was a wealthy man.

Brigid worked on her father's farm when she was young, and loved animals and the outdoors.

Brigid decided that she would become a nun and she set up a convent in Kildare.

Kildare means the Church of the Oak.

Many more women joined the convent as nuns. Following this, children were taught there, and sick people were looked after.

Brigid cared for the poor and the sick. We sing about this each year in our song from Grow in Love called 'We Sing a Song to Brigid.'

Brigid founded three more convents before she died in 524. She is one of the most well-known and most loved Irish saints.

There are many legends about Brigid, for example, how she used her cloak to secure land for her convent at Cill Dara. She asked the King of Leinster for some land, and he told her that she could have as much land as her cloak would cover.

Brigid laid her cloak on the ground and it grew and grew in size!

To commemorate St Brigid, people make crosses from rushes. We have often made them in school.

You can make one at home using lollipop sticks and wool, or draw one.

People place the cross in their home or in a space they would like protected.

It is said that the first cross in this style was made by Brigid when she visited a dying man. She was teaching him about God, and made the cross there to demonstrate Jesus's story.

Brigid is the patron saint of cattle and dairy work.

We look forward to seeing signs of Spring now that February is here!

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