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Dig it Kids Workshops

This year, boys and girls from 1st to 6th class engaged in history/ craft workshops with Dig it Kids. The workshops were facilitated by Stephen, Lisanne and Francesca, history and archaeology experts, via Zoom.

1st to 4th class made some very impressive shields, as pupils learned about local Anglo Norman History and heradlry. They developed greater awareness of the concept of change and continuity and through story and gained insight into how people lived during the Medieval period in Ireland.

This is all part of Dig it Kids' Knights and Castles programme, and was facilitated by the Heritage in Schools Scheme.

5th and 6th class engaged in a great crafts activity, following a pre-recorded video with Stephen and Lisanne, during which the pupils learned about the Norman Invasion and the history of Kilkenny Castle.

The craft activity gave the pupils an insight into the concept of change and continuity and into how people in Kilkenny lived during the high medieval period and the Anglo-Norman invasion.

Thanks to Mrs Jacob for securing the workshops with the Heritage in School experts from Dig it Kids, and to Lisanne, Stephen and Francesca for making the workshops fun and engaging.

See our photos below

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