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Amber Flag 

Supporting mental wellbeing in our school 

For the school year 2022/23 we work towards our first Amber Flag.

This means that our school will raise awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing, and place importance of the wellbeing of all our school community, throughout the year.

With pupils, teachers, parents working in partnership to achieve our targets (watch this space for more information), and our Amber Flag Committee steering the way, we hope that everyone recognises the importance of mental wellbeing in school and in the wider community.

This initiative is complementing and enhancing the work and activities already in place in school, e.g. use of Stay Safe, Walk Tall, Anti-Bullying procedures, SPHE programme, and other programmes in use in various classes throughout the year. World Mental Health Day has been highlighted in school over the past number of years. 

See below, photos of our notice boards, and our wellbeing - focus for each month

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Check out our Wellness Wednesday Activities in this slideshow
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